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Shipping YutoYama (Yuto x Ryosuke) and YongSeo (Yonghwa x Seohyun) hard
(like InooDai and SeungJae as well)

Love watching dorama, kdrama, running man and anime

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[Fanreport] - March 11th, 2014 a fan met Yuto and Yamada at Shibuya Hikarie. The fan spotted the two of them around afternoon (lunch time), Yuto was wearing a black hat and small lens sunglasses. Yamada also wore sunglasses. She saw them when she was riding the escalator, at first she thought the person who stood in front of the sandwiched person (between them?) looked very similar to Yuto. But when she looked at the person behind him, it suddenly turned out to be Yamada.


Just look at Yamada makes me happy! 

(don’t ask me why, it’s obvious) XD

  • [I will tell you a secret about a member]
  • Yamada: The bracelet on Yuto's right hand today is the bracelet he bought when we recently went shopping together for the first time. It's from my favorite accessories store, Yutti took a like on it and thought isn't this good?

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Do you have anything that you think, ‘I hate it so much!’?

JH: I hate dance.

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[Fanreport] - Yuto and Yamada were spotted going out together in Omotesando Hills today (3rd February, 2014). The fan met the two of them near the entrance. Picture is here. They were in escalator, left one is Yamada and right one is Yuto.

Edit: There are other reports that said Yamada was wearing a black hat, both Yuto and Yamada were wearing shades. They also shook hands with a fan and Yamada was smiling.