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Love CNBLUE and Hey! Say! JUMP a lot

Adore Nakajima Yuto, Jung Yonghwa, Yamada Ryosuke, Seohyun, Lee Jonghyun and Inoo Kei a lot

Shipping YutoYama (Yuto x Ryosuke) and YongSeo (Yonghwa x Seohyun) hard
(like InooDai and SeungJae as well)

Love watching dorama, kdrama, running man and anime

Like Japanese and Korean music~

~A happy fangirl ~

Since i’ve been neglecting this blog so i should just link my post here.

Converted the two short pvs on my lj


I wasn’t going to translate this right away, but because it’s Yuto’s birthday, I decided I should finish it and post it! In this crosstalk, they talk about how they won for best combination, what they think is cute about each other, their friendship and more. Enjoy it, and please don’t repost without credit!

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TV Life - source : Acchan_0509’s twitter

My YamaMiki feels ;w;

Looking at how happy they are, make me feel happy as well ♥


the pv came out today (you can watch it here!) and it was so beautiful that i was tempted into translating this ;u; (on a weekday night, no less)


(ashita e no sanka/a hymn for tomorrow)

by: flumpool
lyrics: 山村隆太/ryuta yamamura (vo. + g.)

kanji lyrics here.


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Yutoyama cut ♥

You don’t know how happy i’m
Mezamashi tv - with concert

Excuse me,
Let me say this but my otp is f*king cute, adorable and sweet
I love your braveness nakajima yuto
And the shy expression of ryosuke after that then asked for piggyback
And the other member expression, like it was something normal.

I’m happy so much
I can’t Stop smiling and replaying that part
I love them so damn much ♥♥♥

Yutoyama is real
Enough said


[Fanreport] - March 11th, 2014 a fan met Yuto and Yamada at Shibuya Hikarie. The fan spotted the two of them around afternoon (lunch time), Yuto was wearing a black hat and small lens sunglasses. Yamada also wore sunglasses. She saw them when she was riding the escalator, at first she thought the person who stood in front of the sandwiched person (between them?) looked very similar to Yuto. But when she looked at the person behind him, it suddenly turned out to be Yamada.